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Current Issue: AHEPA Voice Winter 2017 [PDF]

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AHEPA Voice Winter 2017 [PDF]

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the chapters for sending their chapter per capita tax for the AHEPA Voice magazine. Also I would like to thank the advertisers for their continued support to the AHEPA Voice and all the new advertisers for putting their company's ad in the AHEPA Voice; you make the magazine possible with your financial support.

Please support our advertiser's business since they make our magazine possible and please tell them that you saw their ad in the AHEPA Voice magazine. Please note that starting with the spring issue; we decided to "refresh" the AHEPA Voice with new ideas and articles. Your comments are always welcomed. We encourage all chapters to continue to send their articles to the Editor.

As always, the AHEPA Voice magazine is indebted to you for your continued support and I want to thank you for your praises that our magazine is truly a great source of information to the AHEPA Family.


Brother Phil Vogis-PDG

AHEPA Voice, Business Manager


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An important component of AHEPA's mission is to create an awareness of the principles of Hellenism to society. These principles include a commitment to humanity, freedom, and democracy.

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AHEPA's commitment to education has been well documented throughout its history.

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Philanthropy and volunteerism have been pillars of strength for AHEPA. From natural disaster relief to raising funds for the elimination of life-threatening diseases to making significant contributions to our local neighborhoods, AHEPA is at the forefront of charitable giving.

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Civic Responsibility

Our grassroots has a strong voice. With chapters in every major metropolitan city and in rural areas of North America, AHEPA communicates the positions of the Greek-American community to elected representatives at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as to our diplomatic leaders.

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Family and Individual Excellence

What makes AHEPA unique from other organizations is the creation of the AHEPA Family. Together with three affiliated organizations, the AHEPA Family works as a unit toward the fulfillment of a common mission.

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